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An invitation to participate in contemplation is embodied in the paintings of John Kaltenhauser.The Canadian Northland has played an important role in the inspiration for his work and John has enjoyed the pleasure of camping and canoeing here from an early age.

Born in Germany in 1949, his family emigrated to Canada

in 1952. Winnipeg was his first home until moving to

Toronto in 1956. His fascination with drawing germinated at an early age and he was painting in acrylics by the age of nine. His artistic passion never completely disappeared despite some distractions along the way.

Although having had some formal art training, John is

primarily self taught. His painting career spans several decades and has included an eclectic mix of subject matter. From earlier explorations into pop art and surrealism, the subject matter eventually gravitated to the landscape genre.

John's technical attention to detail combined with a subject matter that derives its' power from its' overall simplicity, creates a mood of calm and reflection that is  emphatically conveyed to the viewer. One is invited into the scene and encouraged to experience the moment and the endless potential for discovery.

Represented by various galleries over the years, his acrylic paintings can be found in numerous private and corporate collections in Canada,the United States, and Europe. He now lives in Cobourg, Ontario with his wife Loretta.

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